Would Pakistan really take foreign media to terror camps again?

When Pakistan had taken foreign media to Balakot, the journalists did not like the guided tour; then an Italian scribe spilled the beans

Following the action of the Indian Army in PoK, the Pakistan Army has now stooped to issuing threats. The Pakistan Army has alleged that Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is inciting them for war with his statements. Pakistan Army Spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted, ” Indian COAS repeatedly provoking war through irresponsible statements endangering regional peace for electioneering of political masters. From fake surgical strike to date his only success has been to turn the Indian Army into a rogue force and getting them killed.”

In another tweet, Maj Gen Ghafoor wrote, ” Indian Army Chief’s statements coupled with (the) blood of innocents on hand, losses to Indian forces at the hands of Pakistan Armed Forces, heli (helicopter) crashes due to so-called tech fault cum fratricide just to become Indian CDS is actually at the cost of professional military ethos.”

The Pakistan Army spokesperson, issuing a veiled threat of war, said the statements of the Indian Army chief could endanger regional peace.

Curiously, Maj Gen Ghafoor could not forget the insult of the retaliatory strike by the Indian Army. In yet another tweet, he had written, “Indians have no grounds to support (the) false claim made by their COAS. If they don’t want to go they have the option to share claimed targeted locations with our foreign office. We will take foreign diplomats & media tomorrow on those given locations. Let all see facts on (the) ground.”

Pakistan had indeed carried foreign media to a spot that India claims to have attacked. That was Balakot. The idea backfired. While the foreign media was not comfortable with the Pakistan Army not letting them see the hilltop where the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were supposed to have been attacked by IAF airstrikes, An Italian journalist said after returning from the Pakistan-sponsored trip that 170 terrorists had been killed in the airstrike on Balakot, Pakistan, on 26 February. According to the journalist, despite its attempts, the Pakistan government and its Army could not hide the truth about the loss.

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Disturbed by the peace and tranquillity prevalent in the Indian territory after the scrapping of Article 370 that gave a special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Army has already tried to push terrorists into Indian areas by reviving the terrorist launchpads and offering the militants cover fire, violating the ceasefire agreement with India. Many of its attempts have so far been foiled.

In the Field Marshal KM Cariappa Memorial Lecture held in New Delhi on Friday, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had described PoK as a ‘terrorist-controlled’ area. He had said, ‘The territory occupied by Pakistan (PoK) is controlled not by the Pakistani establishment but by terrorists. PoK is actually a terrorist-controlled area of ​​Pakistan.”

Gen Rawat had said further that Pakistan had illegally occupied Gilgit-Baltistan and “Ghulam Kashmir” (PoK). The Army chief had warned Pakistan that if it attempted any kind of ‘adventurism’ against India, it would face serious consequences.

The statement of the Pakistan Army has come at a time when the Indian Army in Tangdhar destroyed the launching pads of the terrorists present in the PoK with shell-firing. Many Pakistani soldiers and terrorists were killed in the 20 October action by the Indian Army.

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