Widow abuses Vikas Dubey during last rites, says ‘theek hua’

As journalists were not allowed in, they screamed from outside the boundary of the crematorium and the agitated widow turned around to reply

The widow of Vikas Dubey, Richa cursed her departed husband, saying, “Aapke saath jo hua, theek hua (you were served the right deserts),” uttering ‘theek hua‘ thrice as the pyre burnt during the cremation of the body of the dreaded gangster. He was cremated at the Bhairawa Ghat this evening after police shot dead the main accused in the Kanpur case in an encounter early on 10 July

When reporters showered the widow with questions, she lost her temper. Asked if the police was right in eliminating her husband in an encounter, she said, “Yes, whoever made the mistake will be punished.” When asked whether she really believed her husband made a mistake, the widow screamed, “Yes, yes, yes… bilkul theek hua. Now, spare me.”

With only a few relations allowed to attend the funeral of Vikas Dubey, his mother, widow Richa and son were present there. A large police force was deployed at the cremation ground. While media personnel were allowed inside the crematorium, the reporters yelled from outside the boundary of the smashan (cremation ground). And the agitated widow turned around to answer them.

Vikas Dubey’s father said he had no issues with the encounter either. The father said, “Someone told us that our son was killed; we said, ‘He deserved it.'” But Ram Kumar did not attend his son’s funeral. He said, ‘Why should I go to his funeral? He did not believe us. Had he followed our guidance, he would not have met this fate today. He never helped us.”

A team of Uttar Pradesh Police had arrested Vikas Dubey, the gangster with a reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head, from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. They killed him in an encounter this morning after the car he was being taken in on the way to Kanpur met with an accident. Reminiscent of the encounter killing of alleged rapists near Hyderabad, the incident led to social media users speculating immediately that Vikas Dubey was eliminated in cold blood by staging the sequence of events as he “knew too much”.

There were two suspicious aspects or coincidences in Vikas Dubey’s case. One, he hobnobbed with the leadership of Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party while appearing pally with the local leadership of the BJP too. Two, both his accomplices and victims were largely Brahmins.

Vikas Dubey was accused of killing eight policemen in Village Bikaru of District Kanpur Dehat. A UP STF team was bringing him back to the state district from Madhya Pradesh when their vehicle overturned on the highway. Police said the accident occurred due to the presence of a herd of cows and buffaloes. Vikas tried to escape, snatching a pistol and firing at them haphazardly — the cops claimed. The police say they then acted in “self-defence”, killing the gangster. This was exactly how Hyderabad Police had explained the December 2019 ‘encounter’ of rapists of a medical staffer.

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