Virat Kohli beats Salman Khan in fame, money: Forbes

ICC cricketer of the year 2018 is the career-highpoint of Virat Kohli; while he remains prolific, Salman Khan had just one release this year

Forbes India’s list of the top 100 celebrities includes many stalwarts of Bollywood and sports. Bollywood may be ahead in annual earnings, but in terms of rankings, the sports world has surpassed B-town this year. With an annual gross of Rs 250 crore, Team India cricket captain Virat Kohli is the number one celebrity in the country. That is way ahead of Salman Khan’s third position in terms of money and fame.

The ranking of Forbes is determined on the basis of celebrity earnings and fame. So even though Akshay Kumar is ahead in terms of earnings, Virat Kohli is at number one in the rankings despite lower earnings, because Kohli’s fame is more than Akshay Kumar.

Forbes India describes “ICC cricketer of the year in 2018” as the career-highpoint of Virat Kohli. Thrice he has been on the Forbes list since 2017. His earnings in 2019 have been worth Rs 252.72 crore.

While Forbes credits Salman Khan for consistently delivering Rs 100 crore-films — 14 so far — he has had just one release this year, Bharat, making him slip from the first to the third rank.

Following are the top 21 celebrities according to Forbes India in the reversed order.