Violence by students disappoints Gen Bipin Rawat

The Indian Army chief compared the universities whose students are demonstrating violently with soldiers at Siachen to explain leadership

Amid the noise in political corridors about the amended citizenship law Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat has questioned the politics of violence witnessed in universities. At an event in Delhi, praising the Indian Army’s exemplary sense of duty in difficult conditions, he said, “People are trying to protect themselves from the cold of Delhi while my soldiers in Siachen are protecting the border in -10 to -45 degrees.”

The army chief reacted strongly to the violence seen in the name of protests against NRC and CAB that has affected, among other places, several universities in the country. Without naming any educational institution, he said, “Leadership ability is not one that leads people in the wrong direction. Today we are all seeing crowds and people in violent demonstrations in many cities, led by students of universities and colleges in large numbers. This is not what one would call leadership capability.”

Explaining what a leader is supposed to do according to him, Gen Rawat said, “Leaders are not those who lead people in the wrong direction. As we have been witness that a large number of students of universities and colleges are leading the mass and mob to commit arson and violence in cities and towns. This is not leadership.”

Praising the soldiers of the Indian Army protecting Indian borders under the difficult conditions of Siachen, the army chief said, “On this day, when we are all trying to protect ourselves from the cold in Delhi, I want to draw attention to our soldiers. My soldiers are steadfast in discharging their duty stationed at Siachen and other high peaks where the temperature is also -10 to -45 degrees.”

Speaking on leadership, the army chief said that it was not an easy task but a very difficult one. Gen Rawat said, “Leadership is a difficult task because a large number of people follow you as you move forward. It looks normal, but it is a very difficult job because there is a huge crowd behind you.”

Since the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Parliament on 9 December, the country has witnessed violence in several parts of the country, beginning with West Bengal for four days, followed by Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, then in Uttar Pradesh claiming 20 lives and Karnataka where two have died in the riots. Stray incidents of violence have been reported from Bihar and Madhya Pradesh as well.

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