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UrbanClap survey: Tremendous rise in AC installations

UrbanClap survey: Tremendous rise in AC installations

New Delhi: In a survey conducted by online local service provider UrbanClap, which saw the participation of over 5000 respondents across key cities in India including Delhi-NCR, it has been found that air-conditioners (AC) have this summer become the most essential home appliance, with 21% of the total respondents planning to install at least one unit this season.

Purpose of UrbanClap survey

UrbanClap aims to bring on board more than 10,000 professionals for their AC repair business vertical. Elaborating on this, Varun Khaitan, co-founder of UrbanClap said, “Today in every 10 households, three have at least one AC installed. In the upcoming summer season, we at UrbanClap expect the demand for AC repair and service vertical to increase. Last Summer, UrbanClap had onboarded (sic) almost 1,500 professionals.”

“In order to meet this high demand for this years’ prolonged summer season, UrbanClap is on a mission to complete 1.5 million repair jobs in this vertical and thereby help consumers be summer-ready,” Khaitan added.

Last year, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had recorded the maximum temperature shooting up to 45°C. Delhi sweltered under a heat wave with temperatures at 5°C above the season’s normal.

[pullquote]UrbanClap survey findings

  1. 21% of the total respondents said they would be buying one AC this summer season
  2. 47% said that they use AC as and when required
  3. A majority of Delhites (63%) will be spending Rs 500 on an average on AC repair this season
  4. 85% of the respondents did their last AC maintenance during the last summer season, indicating they need service only during the summer season
  5. The AC is serviced when it doesn’t work properly (34%); for regular maintenance (56%) and for breakdown (10%)
  6. Delhites prefer company representatives (53%), local vendors (31%) and online aggregators (10%) for AC repairs
  7. The repair of ACs was done mostly during the peak season (9%) or onset of summer (72%)
  8. 18% claimed they pre-emptively get the AC repaired before Holi


Every summer, the capital city experiences unbearable heat. The rise in air pollution levels has started to make matters worse.

About the company

The survey conducted by UrbanClap wished to analyse the topical issues with respect to AC utilisation and maintenance.

Changes in consumer behaviour in summers

A change has been observed also in AC consumption within various age groups. Of the total respondents, 49% of respondents between 21 to 34 years tend to use AC according to their suitability, whereas people above 35 tend to consume AC mostly while they are asleep (49%).

Reeling under the spell of intense heat waves that had gripped Delhi-NCR last summer, Delhiites apply for air conditioners to keep the temperature cool inside their houses.

According to the UrbanClap survey, 21% of the respondents plan to install at least one AC before the dawn of the summer season. The survey also revealed that last summer the residents of Delhi, on an average, paid more for their electricity bills: 32% of them paid up to Rs 5,000 while only 12% of them paid up to Rs 1,500.

Rise in demand for professional AC repair

The survey has observed the issue of AC repair to be a prevalent issue among Delhiites during the peak summer months. 25% of respondents of the survey experienced a breakdown of their ACs at least once last summer.

Last year 85% of the city residents got their AC serviced, with 53% opting for professional help for repair purpose. On an average 28% of city residents are willing to pay up to Rs 1000 for quality AC service and repair work. The main AC repair woes as cited in the survey are cooling issues (59%), followed by gas refilling (31%).

Moreover, scorching summer heat prompts residents to be more vigilant and ensure well-functioning of ACs beforehand. According to the survey findings, 72% of the respondents seek to repair their AC before the onset of summer. Almost 76% of customers were happy with their last AC servicing.

To be able to meet the rising demand for AC repairs in the peak summer season, UrbanClap aims to enrol more than 10,000 AC repair partners across the country. The consumer survey conducted by UrbanClap was to understand the consumer pain points with regards to AC usage and maintenance.

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