Tahir Hussain Not Bangladeshi, But Nationality Least Of His Problems Now

The evidence of rioting and murder against the AAP councillor is so incriminating, he need not moreover be an infiltrator to be deemed dangerous

Since the time it was suspected that AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain had a direct or indirect role in the murder of Intelligence Bureau security assistant Ankit Sharma, speculations have been rife on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, that he is a Bangladeshi. He is not. The AAP councillor hails from Amroha of Uttar Pradesh. He is said to have lived in village Paurara in the district about 20 years ago.

The people Paurara are surprised to learn about the allegation of criminal conduct against Hussain. Most villagers say they have seen Tahir in childhood and cannot believe he could murder someone. By now, they have all got the news that the police are on a lookout for him for the murder of an IB constable.

Tahir Hussain’s journey from the status of a minor labourer to Aam Aadmi Party councillor is remarkable. Tahir came to Delhi alone, not with his family. He started working as a labourer. A few months later, father Kallan Saifi and the rest of the family from Amroha joined the son.

A few years ago, Tahir Hussain sold his ancestral house. Some of his residential land plots are lying vacant. One of his brothers runs a school in village Paurara.

The AAP councillor lives in Nehru Vihar in north-east Delhi. People, by and large, are known to be in awe of him in this area.

Nehru Nagar is a part of Karawal Nagar, one of the bloodiest spots of riots against the amended citizenship law (CAA). Even a school had been set on fire in this area.

Tahir Hussain owns assets worth about Rs 18 crore. Claiming to have passed the eighth grade, he is barely literate. You may assume this, as many uneducated people claim to have cleared the eighth year in school because the ninth year onwards, they need to furnish a certificate of their education, especially if they have been students of one of the states of India where the ninth and tenth grades and then the eleventh and twelfth grades are de facto one module or phase of education each, unlike under the CBSE.

Tahir Hussain contested in an election for the first time in 2017. According to the affidavit given to the Election Commission, there was no criminal case registered against him.

Associated with the AAP, the name of Tahir Hussain often figures in public chats, discussions and gossips in the surrounding areas. He is known to be a communicator.

That does not make Tahir Hussain innocent

But all the above notwithstanding, the evidence of rioting against him is strong. That, in turn, is circumstantial evidence suggesting his involvement in Ankit Sharma’s murder. That is because

  1. He was spotted on the roof of his house in the company of rioters
  2. Ankit Sharma’s father Ravindra Kumar has accused him of murder
  3. The drain from which Ankit’s body was recovered yielded the disrobed body of a woman too, whose undergarments were found at the basement of his house (as per the testimony of the witnesses interviewed by Sudarshan News), suggesting that the drain is his standard post-crime dumping ground

It remains to be seen whether the prosecution can build this case. As of now, it is established that Tahir Hussain’s alibi that he was away from the spot at the time of the criminal acts of murder and rioting does not wash. That’s because he has admitted that the person seen on the roof of his house, wielding a stick at the time of the riot, was nobody but him. He has claimed he was trying to scare away others who were rioting with that stick, which is funny.

The arrest of Nehru Vihar Councillor Tahir Hussain is possible at any time after his the recovery of weapons and tools of rioting from his property.

The police have registered a case of murder, kidnapping and rioting at the Dayalpur police station. An SIT of the Crime Branch is investigating the case. Police officials say they are on a lookout for him. All his possible and suspected hideouts are being raided.


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