1. Sirf News uses British English. American orthography is, however, permitted for proper nouns that include names of institutions.
  2. Every report begins with the name of the place from where the incident is being reported.
  3. Honorific:
  4. The dot:
  5. No “/-” sign is used after an amount in rupees.
  6. Date:
  7. Headlines:
  8. All non-English terms should be italicised unless they are proper nouns; for example, yojana is italicised, but the same word is not in Atal Pension Yojana.
  9. “Centre” that has the sense of “Union government” has upper-case ‘C’, but “central” does not.
  10. We are switching to "state" to refer to both a province of the country and the nation-state; we are confident that our reader can appreciate the distinction from the context the sentence or the passage throws up.
  11. We are making yet another change, beginning 25 December 2019. The word "parliament" will appear with a lower-case initial for the parliament of any country in the world, but a specific name for a certain parliament will be mentioned with an upper-case initial. For example, Sansad, Diet, Majlis, etc. But it is parliament for the Indian parliament and parliament again for the British parliament.
  12. It’s the “Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry”, but “the commission” (when the name of the head of the commission is not mentioned).
  13. The ‘M’ in “Minister” should be in uppercase only when mentioned with the name:
  14. A ministry has upper-case initials only if mentioned as its name is, not when it is paraphrased. For example, it is the "Ministry of Home Affairs" but the "home ministry".
  15. We are switching to the lower-case initial for "constitution".
  16. We do not use upper-case initials except for proper nouns:
  17. “Lakh” and “crore” should not go as “lakhs” and “crores”; “crore” should not be “cr” (except in a headline).
  18. Units of measuring physical quantities
  19. For paucity of space in the slot given for headlines (both in newspapers and portals), certain words are always written in the abbreviated or acronym form: government – govt, governor – guv, prime minister – PM, chief minister – CM, etc.
  20. Neither in the headline nor in the body do we write “UNO” or “USA”. We write “the UN” and “the US”. The “the” can be avoided in a headline.