SP’s ex-BSF candidate axed from election in Varanasi

Sacked by BSF for bringing a bad name to the force, Tej Bahadur Yadav now alleges the BJP conspired to ensure his nomination is rejected

Varanasi: The Samajwadi Party (SP) has suffered a big setback in the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. The district election officer has cancelled the nomination of Tej Bahadur Yadav, the former BSF jawan whose service was terminated after he projected the force in poor light in a video he had made last year. Yesterday, Sirf News had reported that his nomination paper needed a NOC from his last employer whereas his affidavit did not even mention that the BSF had sacked him.

Now the SP’s original choice Shalini Yadav will be the party’s candidate from Varanasi. Sacked from the BSF, Tej Bahadur Yadav could not secure the NOC certificate.

On Tuesday, the district election officer had asked Tej Bahadur Yadav to furnish a no-objection certificate from the BSF. He was given 24 hours to secure the NOC. The SP candidate could not present it till 1 o’clock in the afternoon, due to which his nomination stands null and void.

The SP, however, seems to have braced for such an eventuality. Their first choice Shalini Yadav, who had defected from the Congress, did not sulk when Tej Bahadur Yadav was roped in for Varanasi. Her nomination process was complete, thus averting a crisis for the SP-BSP-RLD mahagathbandhan.

If Shalini Yadav had filed her nomination as an independent after the arrival of Tej Bahadur Yadav, the transition after the candidacy of the latter was declared void would not have been smooth.

However, the mahagathbandhan will resent the fact that Shalini Yadav has not been as big a newsmaker (albeit for a wrong reason) as the ex-BSF jawan who seemed to be a person with an axe to grind.

The rejected candidate is now alleging that the BJP conspired to ensure his nomination is cancelled.

The prominent candidates for the Varanasi constituency who now remain in the fray are Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress’s Ajay Rai and the SP’s Shalini Yadav.

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