Home Politics India Shah: All Hindu refugees will get citizenship; no infiltrator will

Shah: All Hindu refugees will get citizenship; no infiltrator will

Shah: All Hindu refugees will get citizenship; no infiltrator will

Union Home Minister and BJP president Amit Shah clarified the government’s stand on NRC today, saying that no Hindu or Christian refugee would be forced to leave India. Accusing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of misleading the state, the home minister said further that no Hindu refugee would be asked to leave the country; at the same time, he said, no intruder would be permitted to stay in the country.

BJP’s national president Amit Shah on Tuesday put forth the central government’s side on NRC and Article 370 in the capital of West Bengal. He said, “People of Bengal were misled on NRC. I have come to tell the truth to the people of Bengal. All Hindu refugees will be given Indian citizenship. The Modi government will soon re-introduce the Citizenship Amendment Bill. After this, every refugee will get the same rights as me. Not a single intruder will be allowed to stay in the country. The BJP government is going to give every refugee the right to become Prime Minister.”

Shah: I’ve come for Durga Puja; no one can stop me

Describing the effect of BJP getting 18 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal, Shah said, “Earlier, Durga Puja organisers had to go to court for idol immersion. This time, I have come to perform ārati in Durga Puja; no one has the courage to stop me from doing Durga Puja.”

“On Vasant Panchami, no one will be able to stop Vasant Panchami because you have given 18 seats to the Bharatiya Janata Party,” the home minister said.

We have fulfilled the dream of Syama Prasad: Shah

Earlier, Amit Shah had said, “The Narendra Modi government has fulfilled the dream of Syama Prasad Mookerjee by scrapping Article 370. Son of Bengal Mookerjee had raised the slogan on the soil of Kashmir that “do vidhān, do pradhān aur do nishān nahin chalenge (two constitutions, two heads and two emblems in one country would not be allowed)”, he reminded the people.

‘Bengal will see a BJP govt after next election’

Thanks to the contribution of the people of Bengal in the Lok Sabha election, Amit Shah said, “For the second time in the country, and the BJP for the first time under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the ruling party has crossed the 300 mark. The people of Bengal contributed the most to this. If the people had not changed in West Bengal, the BJP would not have been able to cross 300 seats. I am assured by your act of giving us 18 seats, that you have the desire for change. A BJP government is definitely going to be formed in Bengal next time.”

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