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Satvik Hegde: Karnataka boy in selfie with Modi, Trump

Bengaluru: Satvik Hegde has become an overnight sensation on the internet. The schoolboy, who hails from Karnataka’s Sirsi in the Uttara Kannada district, got “the most powerful selfie” with PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump during the “Howdy, Modi” event in Houston, Texas.

Satvik got his 15 seconds of fame when he approached the two leaders while they were interacting with his group of young artistes at the gala event. He requested the two statesmen for a selfie. Until a moment ago, he was a mere ninth-grade student in Louis D Brandeis High School at San Antonio.

Some relatives of Satvik in Sirsi were overjoyed to see the young lad becoming a star overnight. Ganesh Hegde, an uncle of Satvik, informed the media that his parents had moved to San Antonio in 2002. Prabhakar Hegde, the father, is an IT professional and Medha Hegde, his mother,  is a teacher in a private school.

“Satvik was picked to perform suryanamaskara (a yogic exercise) during the event as he is a keen yoga performer. We could not identify him at first, even though we saw the same live on TV. Later, he sent us the selfie on WhatsApp and this surprised us,” Ganesh said.

The day before yesterday during the “Howdy, Modi!” event, Satvik, dressed in white, standing with other children in Indian attire welcoming the leaders, approached Modi and Trump with his phone for a selfie.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) released a video of the goings-on, showing the girl standing next to Satvik dropping her jaw in surprise as Trump and Modi oblige him for the selfie. The clip has evoked different reactions from social media users, with many calling him “lucky” and appreciating his confidence.

The footage has gone viral as has the photo Satvik clicked using his phone.

Satvik shared the photo on Instagram, too, where he pened his account after the Sunday event. He immediately got more than 1,000 followers.

Satvik wrote on Monday in an Instagram story, “This is my only real account (@satvikthesavage).” He shot the video in the story while travelling in a car. The Twitter handle of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) shared the 22-second video, after which it went viral with over 5 lakh views. “Memorable moments from #HowdyModi when PM @narendramodi and @POTUS interacted with a group of youngsters,” reads the caption of the clip.

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