Santa Virat enthrals HIV-infected children in Kolkata

A sports channel uploaded the video of Virat Kohli in the Santa Claus’ get-up on Thursday, it has got 6,00,000 viewers so far

Santa Claus appeared before them early in the morning. The joy of seeing him overwhelmed the children at this home. Their faces gleamed with joy when they received a gift each from Santa.

There were kids who wanted to meet MS Dhoni. There were those who wanted to see Sachin Tendulkar. There was one child who simply loved Santa’s beard.

A boy wanted a helicopter. A girl wanted a doll. A sports enthusiast asked for a football while another demanded a badminton racquet. Then the power at the home snaps for a second. When lights are on again, Santa appears: “Ho, ho, ho!” he goes. The children turn around.

Santa brings a trolley full of gifts. While the kids were watching Santa open the gifts, the caretaker says they wanted to meet Spiderman and Superman, but it seemed those superheroes were on vacation.

Right after that, a child asked Santa, “Santa, isn’t Virat here?” ‘Santa’ asked the little one, “You want to meet Kohli?” Everyone screamed, “Yeah!”

Then came the real surprise. Santa turned his back towards the kid, removed the false beard and turned around. The children screamed out of joy when the make-up was gone. It was the captain of the Indian cricket team in front of them. Virat Kohli! The party of kids in ecstasy rushed to Virat and hugged him.

A video of the children’s home was uploaded on social media on Thursday by a sports channel. Since then, the video has been viewed more than six hundred thousand times.

Virat says in the video, “These are very special moments for me. All these kids cheer for us throughout the year. And I had a great time bringing joy to all these kids.”

“Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year to all of you!” Kohli greets.

The video is not new, though. It was shot in November. At a home in Baruipur. The inmates of the home are all infected with HIV. Virat Kohli was there during the Pink Test in Kolkata. Watch:

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