RSS men sitting in every ministry, says Rahul Gandhi

Davanagere (Karnataka): Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused RSS of trying to “capture” every institution and charged that NDA ministers were not operating independently as the Sangh Parivar outfit’s men were planted in each ministry.

Rahul also said the idea of demonetisation was given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a “particular ideologue” of the RSS.

“In every single Ministry in India, at the national level, there is an OSD from RSS working with the Minister…In every Ministry in India, there is a man from RSS who works with the Minister. The Minister is not operating on his own,” he said.

“The approach is of capture, the approach is here is an institution and let us capture it; as opposed to allowing an institution to serve the people of India and allowing the people of India to capture the institution,” Rahul said.

“This is the fundamental conflict we have with BJP. Their idea is wherever they go they plant people with their ideology into that organisation,” he said.

The Congress’ idea is to “democratise” institutions while BJP believes in “bureaucratising” the institutions, he said.

“Who is Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksey? These are the people who arise when you don’t respect the financial institutions like the Reserve Bank of India.”

“We are also seeing Piyush Goyal (with scam tumbling out),” he said.

Gandhi had yesterday targeted Union Minister Piyush Goyal for his alleged links to the promoter of a company in default of Rs 650 crore.

Asked how the Congress would solve the unemployment problem, Gandhi said it would do so by encouraging small and medium scale businesses in construction, agriculture and other sectors.

He also said China is successful in creating jobs because its government imparts skill training to its workforce.

“In Modiji’s government, there is no talk on (imparting) skills,” he said.

Gandhi said the banks should give loans also to small and medium scale entrepreneurs, but this benefit is being usurped by 15 big names in Indian business.

“Anil Ambani has Rs 45,000 crore of the loan and to help him, the Rafale (fighter jet) contract was given to him,” he said.


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