Rajinikanth: CAA poses no threat to Indian Muslims

While many presumed Rajinikanth would help the BJP enter the state, he announced he would not be a part of the so-called saffron party

Superstar Rajinikanth on Wednesday publicly endorsed the amended Citizenship Act (CAA) and said Indian Muslims faced no threat from this law. The Tamil film demigod supported NPR too, saying that the National Population Register was very important.

In his first reaction after the citizenship law was amended followed by nationwide protests against it by Muslims and leftists, Rajinikanth told reporters here, “There is no threat to Muslims from the CAA. If they face any problem, I will be the first person to raise their voice for them.”

Actor Rajinikanth, 69, said that the central government had assured that the Indian people would not face any trouble with the CAA. He alleged that some political parties were inciting people against the CAA for their selfish interests. He blamed religious leaders for supporting the protests against this law and described it as “quite wrong”.

Rajinikanth said that the union government had assured that no Indian would face any problem with the amended citizenship law and that he was quite satisfied by the explanation. He wondered how the Muslims, who chose to live in India during Partition, could be driven out of the country.

Supporting the National Register of Citizens too, Rajinikanth said that this government exercise was “very, very important”. He said the INC-led government had done so in the past.

The government has stated firmly, notwithstanding the protests by leftists and Muslims, that this law would not be withdrawn at any cost.

Observers have followed the political opinions of Rajinikanth for a long time. This began years before he expressed a desire to float his own party. For years, he was speculated to throw up a right-wing challenge at the bipolar polity of Tamil Nadu.

The actor launched a mobile app Rajini Mandram, a Twitter handle @officialairrm and a web page www[dot]rajinimandram[dot]org

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After announcing his party two years ago, Rajinikanth went on a pilgrimage, lending credence to the rumours that his politics would not be left-wing. While many presumed he would help the BJP enter the state, he announced recently he would not be a part of the so-called saffron party.

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