Rahul Gandhi’s absence exposes funny AI of cameras in LS

When Congress MP K Suresh spoke from the seat designated to Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha LED screen flashed a misrepresentative caption

The absence of Rahul Gandhi in Parliament today exposed the funny side of artificial intelligence (AI) that cameras in the Lower House rely on, which the viewership of Lok Sabha TV must have some experience of.

It so happened that another Congress MP K Suresh rose to speak during the Zero Hour after walking ahead and occupying the seat meant for Rahul Gandhi. When the camera zoomed on the MP who was speaking, the name “Rahul Gandhi” flashed on the LED screen.

Speaker Om Birla intervened promptly, asking Suresh to go back to his own seat as the screen was showing him as Rahul Gandhi whereas the latter was actually not present in Parliament.

Taking cognisance of the absence of the star Congress MP in Lok Sabha, Om Birla said on Tuesday that he wanted to give him a chance to ask questions during the Question Hour. The Speaker told MP Suresh, “Your seat is lying vacant. This (where Suresh was standing and raising his point) is Rahul Gandhi’s seat. Rahul Gandhi is on leave today. So (you) go to your seat.”

At this, BJP MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy also requested the Speaker to direct the members of the House to speak from their respective designated seats. He said, ‘The whole country is watching us. In such a situation, it is necessary that our name should be seen correctly on the TV screen.”

Congress leader Gandhi Jr has not yet appeared in the House in the winter session of Parliament, which started on Monday.

Speaker Om Birla said, “Rahul Gandhi’s question is listed for the Question Hour and, if present, he should get a chance.” According to the schedule of the Lok Sabha, Question No. 28 was listed in the name of the Congress scion. He was supposed to ask questions regarding the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana in Kerala. Question Nos. 21 to 25 were discussed instead during the Question Hour.

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