Rahul attacks PM Modi on problem of unemployment

New Delhi: Firing a fresh salvo on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi accused him of being in denial on the problem of unemployment. Gandhi was reacting to the Nobel prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman claiming that Mass unemployment is the biggest threat faced by India.

Taking on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Nobel Prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman confirms what we’ve been saying for over two years now. Mass unemployment is the biggest threat India faces. Unfortunately, we have a PM who lives in denial. Afraid his “Acche Din” PR will take a beating.” Rahul also shared the link to a media report based on the statement of Paul Krugman.

Rahul has been attacking the Modi government on their failure to provide two crore jobs per year as promised by Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Gandhi, 47, who was in the US on a two-week-long tour, during his interaction with students at the prestigious Princeton University admitted that Modi-led BJP came to power in India as the people were angry with his Congress party over the issue of unemployment.

Employment is an all-encompassing means to empower, enfranchise and involve Indians in the nation-building process, he said.

“I think, the central reason why Mr Modi arose and to an extent why Mr Trump came, is the question of jobs in India and in the United States. There’s a large part of our populations that simply do not have jobs and cannot see a future. And, so they are feeling pain. And they have supported these type of leaders,” Gandhi told students.

He said another problem is that nobody was recognising that unemployment was a problem.

Gandhi repeatedly raised the issue of joblessness during his meetings with experts, business leaders and Congressmen in the US.

Rahul Gandhi has continuously been saying that 30,000 new youngsters are joining the job market every single day and yet the government is only creating 500 jobs a day. And this doesn’t include the massive pool of already unemployed youngsters.



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