Why partial mobilisation by Russia comes with threat of nukes

President of Russia Vladimir Putin today announced a partial military mobilisation of the 2 million-strong military reserves in Russia. "Only citizens who are currently in the reserve and, above all, those who served in the armed forces, have certain military specialities and relevant experience, will be subject to conscription," Putin said in a televised speech, adding that the decree for partial mobilisation was signed.

Why has Putin ordered this partial mobilisation?

The order from Putin follows major setbacks faced by Russia in the war on Ukraine. The US-led Nato, while having a larger stockpile of nuclear weapons, gets wary of such threats, as observed since the Cuban missile crisis of early 1960. Putin reckons that this threat may thwart Nato supplies of sophisticated but conventional arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

“We are talking about partial mobilization, that is, only cit...


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