Why China needs more Russian gas

Sept. 16, 2022, 2:53 a.m. Reuters

The cost should not be an issue with China, as CIS countries supply gas at affordable rates too. President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting with his counterparts from China and Mongolia on 15 September, where they discussed a major new infrastructure project, Power-of-Siberia 2, to deliver gas to China via Mongolia. Russia proposed the route years ago but the plan has gained urgency, as Moscow looks to Beijing to replace Europe as its major gas customer.

Negotiations will be complex, however, not least because China is not expected to need additional gas supply until after 2030, industry experts said.

Power of Siberia 2 pipeline

The proposed pipeline would bring gas from the huge Yamal peninsula reserves in west Siberia — the main source of gas supply to Europe — to China, the world's top energy consumer and growing gas consumer.

The idea gained impetus when the first pipes of the currently operational Power of Si...


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