Russia calls Western bluff over Ukrainian grain

The foreign ministry of Russia doubts the sincerity of Western countries' global food security concerns. It has noted that grain-loaded ships from Ukrainian Black Sea ports are mostly heading to the West, rather than to starving African or Asian countries. Speaking at a press briefing today, Ivan Nechaev, the deputy director of the ministry’s information and press department, said, "So far not a single ship with grain has reached the shores of the starving countries of Africa or South Asia."

"They go mainly to Western ports, and the range of exported goods is mainly not wheat, but corn grain and sunflower oil, which casts doubt on the sincerity of these voices in the West that world food security depends on the ‘grain deal’," Nechaev said, referring to the recent deal between Moscow and Kyiv which allowed the resumption of grain exports from Ukrainian ports. 

Before the deal, Ukraine and its Western supporters were a...


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