Rohan Joshi attributes death of Raju Srivastava to 'karma'

Receiving the news of comedian Raju Srivastava's death with a lot of bitterness today, stand-up artiste Rohan Joshi responded to Atul Khatri’s tribute by trashing the late performer who was also his senior by at least a generation. Seeing that Khatri had written the passing had left a void in the entertainment industry while fans and celebrities continue to mourn his loss, Joshi wrote, "We haven't lost a thing..."

Atul had posted an image of Raju Srivastava on Instagram: “RIP Rajubhai. You were such an inspiration to so many. Whenever you went on stage you lit it up. Your presence was such that when people just saw you there was an automatic smile on their faces. You will be truly missed. A big loss for the Indian Stand-up Comedy scene."

To this, Rohan Joshi responded with a comment: “We haven't lost a thing. Whether it was Karma whether it was the roast or any coming in the news. Raju Srivastava took every opportunity...


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Rohan Joshi attributes death of Raju Srivastava to 'karma'

Receiving the news of comedian Raju Srivastava's death with a lot of bitterness today, stand- ...

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