Loan recovery agents crush pregnant woman under tractor for non-payment of EMI by father

A loan recovery agent crushed the pregnant daughter of a farmer under a tractor in Jharkhand, killing her and the foetus she was carrying on the spot on 15 September. The woman had come to her maternal home two days earlier in Village Sijua, about 100 km from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. Police have registered a case of murder against four loan recovery agents of Mahindra Finance Company. 

Villagers cordoned off the finance company's office and demanded strict action. The four accused are out of police custody.

Mithilesh Prasad Mehta, the handicapped farmer, had procured the tractor financed by Mahindra Finance in 2018. He was continuously paying instalments of the tractor that was worth about Rs 5.5 lakh. Only six instalments totalling approximately Rs 1,20,000 were still due. 

Due to a paucity of money of late, the farmer was getting late in paying these instalments. The finance company had informed him in the meantime that the repayable amoun...


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