List of indigenous defence equipment that Rajnath Singh handed over to army

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today handed over several indigenous equipment and systems to the Indian Army. The most significant among them are the Future Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS), new generation anti-personnel mine ‘Nipun’, rugged and automatic communication system with enhanced capabilities, upgraded sights system for tanks, advanced thermal imagers and state-of-the-art high mobility infantry protected vehicles and assault boats.

The equipment and systems have been jointly developed by the army in collaboration with defence public sector undertakings, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the industry, the Ministry of Defence said.

The defence minister called for infrastructure development based on the latest technology to help the forces remain prepared to deal with future challenges, saying that the logistical needs of the armed forces were increasing with the evolving times.

Indigenous 'soldier sy...


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