Kejriwal makes 2 promises in Gujarat impossible to fulfil

Aam Aadmi Party chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today promised in Gujarat that he would open floodgates of jobs if brought to power in the state. He unveiled an employment calendar in the state the BJP has been ruling for nearly 30 years and where elections are due by the year-end. 

How can Kejriwal dictate how the Indian Army will recruit?

Kejriwal said if voted to power, the AAP government would hold a series of exams, including for posts in panchayats, teachers and the state police, and recruit people. He declared he would amend the procedure for army recruitments, too, without telling the people doing so is not within the jurisdiction of a state government. The AAP chief was referring to the short-service scheme Agnipath.

Kejriwal slammed the BJP-led union government today on the Agniveer short service scheme for the...


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Kejriwal makes 2 promises in Gujarat impossible to fulfil

Aam Aadmi Party chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today promised in Gujarat that he ...

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