Johnson promises anti-extremist task force in UK to tackle Khalistanis

Pro-Khalistan and other extremist groups in the United Kingdom may face heat in the coming days. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during his visit to India, announced that the UK has set up what it calls the Anti-Extremist Task Force. In November 2021, New Delhi had conveyed its serious concerns to London about allowing banned pro-Khalistan organisation Sikhs for Justice to hold a referendum on the secession of Punjab on 31 October.

“We have a very strong view that we don’t tolerate extremist groups threatening other countries, threatening India. We’ve set up an Anti-Extremist Task Force,” Boris Johnson said.

Pro-Khalistan groups have time and again resorted to violent protests outside the High Commission of India in London. UK police had recently conducted raids against a pro-Khalistan organisation in the country. This group had organised the so-calle...


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