Is Su-35, Russia's 'most powerful' jets equipped with Kh-31, R-73 missiles, as deadly as claimed?

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defence had announced in January that its air force was relocating Su-35 multirole fighters to Belarus as part of a review of the Union State’s reaction forces. Russia has been using these fighters against Ukraine since February-end and now President Vladimir Putin has announced that it will add two deadly missiles to the already formidable fighter aircraft's arsenal. Russia touts Su-35 as the "most powerful" fighter jet in the world.

Russia began the invasion using its Air Force on a limited scale. It deployed mainly its tanks and artillery units to advance the attack prompting Western analysts to speculate about Moscow’s strategy. However, the situation has changed in the past few days as Russia has enhanced the role of its Air Force to conduct strikes on Ukraine.

Initial deployment of Su-35

In March, Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Fo...


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