Hindus Fend For Themselves, Struggle For Parity

When it was known from the tweet of a union minister that the government had decided to provide EWS spaces to Rohingyas, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs was compelled to issue a clarification, which only muddied the waters, as saying that "illegal" Rohingya settlers would be deported only meant the government recognised there were legal Rohingyas too! The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) immediately swung into action and opposed the decision. There are numerous other outfits of the kind, netizens and people in general who have been aggressively opposing any such action that is against the interest of the country in general and Hindus in particular. As per these people, organisations and social media enthusiasts, such decisions are tantamount to causing demographic imbalance besides sending other kinds of harm to the country. This is happening at a very fast pace. Such policies have already made Hindus a minority in nine states of the country. A PIL in this regard filed by As...


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