Gautam Gambhir objects to hero worship in Indian cricket

Former Indian cricketer and two-time World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir has slammed the "hero worship" prevalent in Indian cricket -- not just among the fans but also in the media. Gambhir said today that this "culture", dating back to 1983 when India had scripted history with their Prudential World Cup (cricket) win, has led to fans hailing stars like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Kapil Dev to an extent that they have forgotten or disregarded the contributions of other members of the team.

Reporters asked Gautam Gambhir if he thought that this whole hero worship choked potential stars. "Nobody has grown in that shadow. It was Mahendra Singh Dhoni earlier, it is Virat Kohli now," he said during the Indian Express show "Idea Exchange".

Gautam Gambhir Uses Virat Kohli And Bhuvneshwar Kum...
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