CP Joshi to be CM while Sachin Pilot turns Rajasthan Congress chief

Rajasthan Congress No. 2 Sachin Pilot is busy lobbying with MLAs loyal to No. 1 Ashok Gehlot who is leading the race for the post of president of the party and quitting as chief minister, said top INC sources today. On his return from Delhi today, Pilot headed straight to Speaker CP Joshi.

The meeting between Sachin Pilot and CP Joshi lasted for about one and a half hours, said a source in the INC. After the meeting, Pilot slipped out, evading the reporters gathered outside.

Pilot met with Congress MLAs too, according to informed sources who said Joshi was leading the race for the chief minister's chair while the No. 2 can become No. 1 of sorts by becoming president of Rajasthan Congress.

Meanwhile, Minister Pratap Singh Khachariawa, loyal to Ashok Gehlot, said any decision of the party high command would be accep...


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