Cooperative society poll win shows Nandigram still Suvendu Adhikari's turf

The BJP is rejoicing in its victory in the Dhekutia Cooperative Society elections in Suvendu Adhikari's constituency where the party bagged 11 of the 12 seats in a day-long frenzy. The Trinamool Congress had to draw solace from one seat.

Dhekutia had become increasingly agitated since this morning due to polling. The two parties accused each other of taking recourse to electoral malpractices. Recently, the BJP had lost in several cooperative societies in Nandigram. The Dhekutia vote was a prestige fight for the BJP.

The polling had to be stopped for a while due to noise. The Trinamool Congress claims that votes were rigged by outsiders.

Supporters erupted in jubilation after the BJP won the Dhekutia Cooperative Society elections even as the Trinamool Congress regional president accused the BJP of manhandling him.

A large police force rushed to the area to stop the scuffles. Trinamool Congress supporters were asked to clear the place. The r...


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