Chandigarh University video scandal may involve fourth suspect

Punjab Police has questioned Mohan (name changed), a youth who once worked in the university's mess, in connection with the video being made in the Girls Hostel of Chandigarh University. Mohan earlier used to work in the hostel mess of Chandigarh University, but he left this job some time ago.

SP Intelligence (Ludhiana) Rupinder Kaur Bhatti of the SIT has questioned Mohan. The youth working in the mess of Chandigarh University was taken into custody. However, he was later released after questioning. What the suspect said during interrogation is not yet known. ADGP Gurpreet Dev is leading the SIT constituted in the case.

The police are still on the lookout for the fourth suspect who used to chat with the woman student using pictures to blackmail her into making videos of other women in the hostel. He is suspected to be the mastermind...


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