Brett Lee explains why Aussies refrained from sledging Sachin Tendulkar

Retired Australian pace bowler, the famous Brett Lee, revealed today why his team never sledged legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar during matches between the Aussies and the men in blue. On his YouTube channel, the Aussie fast bowler of yesteryears said that Tendulkar was a completely different personality on the field. He said that Tendulkar, while batting, had the eyes of a tiger and he would always be ready to get into the battle. 

The Australia speedster, known for his brutal pace, paid tribute to Tendulkar on his official YouTube channel as he talked about the first time he bowled to him in 1999 during a tour game, and revealed that he was overwhelmed with the support Indian fans showed for Tendulkar when the former first visited India on a cricket tour.

Brette Lee said, “Sachin Tendulkar on the field is completely different to what he is off it. When you bowl at him, you look into his eyes, the eyes of a tiger. He wants it, wants to get into the ...


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