Ajay Jadeja warns Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid

Just before the ICC T20 World Cup, after India's massive defeat in the Asia Cup and Super Four defeats to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, when former cricketers blamed overuse as the reason for the team's defeat, former Indian batsman Ajay Jadeja criticised captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid. Advised to be cautious while giving statements in the media.

While advocating a more settled team, former India batsman Ajay Jadeja called for the captain and coach duo to also be a little more sensitive about their statements during press conferences, especially when using phrases such as “trying out things” that can have a negative impact on the players.

Ajay Jadeja said on Cricbuzz, “Wins and losses are part of the game, but there shouldn’t be any confusion over team combinations. There shouldn’t be statements about ‘trying out things’ and other similar remarks.

“You need to understand that these ...


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