Actresses recall breaking into tears after shooting for sexually explicit scenes

Actresses are increasingly sharing their stories of stress and distress, which they undergo while shooting naked or suggestively nude and/or sexually explicit scenes. Entertainment news consumers remember learning about actress Kubbra Sait, who played the role of a transwoman in Sacred Games, saying in an interview that her sex scene was shot seven times because director Anurag Kashyap wanted seven different points of view for the sequence. Kubbra Sait had said that the director shot the scene seven times one after another. She started crying during the seventh shot. She said that she kept crying, lying on the floor. Nawazuddin Siddiqui had trued to relax her, saying, "I think you should go out because my scene is not over."

Bold scenes of Tridha Chaudhary and Bobby Deol in Ashram have been very much discussed. The actress had said that she was very uncomfortable shooting for these scenes. Tridha had said she was apprehensive of somebody editing...


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Actresses recall breaking into tears after shooting for sexually explicit scenes

Actresses are increasingly sharing their stories of stress and distress, which they undergo while ...

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