300 Muslims, including former INC workers, join BJP in Bharuch

More than 300 Bharuch-based Muslims, including political workers who resigned from the INC, joined the BJP today. BJP MLA Arunsinh Rana welcomed with a saffron scarf the new members who included Bambusar village sarpanch Gulam Patel. "I am enthralled as Muslims have started approaching us to join the BJP. The Bharuch area was a strong bastion of the INC and now people have left the party to join the BJP as they want development," Rana said. 

BJP general secretary Digvijaysinh Chudasma, BJP minority wing leaders Salim Khan Pathan and Mustufa Khoda attended the event held at Muslim majority Bambusar village, 19 km away from the town of Bharuch.

The enthusiastic Muslims as well as other party workers hoisted BJP flags at the entry gate of Village Bambusar. These Muslims came from Bambusar, Valediya, Valej, Segwa, Kahan, Chiphon, Luvara, Janod Samrod, Kothi villages. "BJP's motto is Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas ane Sauno Vishwas. We are ready to d...


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