PNB scam: Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi today launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the PNB scam allegedly involving Nirav Modi, asking him to explain why it happened and what was he doing about it.

The Congress chief accused the central government of constantly refusing to accept its responsibility and alleged that the prime minister was “destroying” the economy through his actions.

“The PM should come out and say what has happened (on Nirav Modi) and why? And what was he doing about it,” he told reporters after the first meeting of the Congress steering committee that will function in place of the working committee (CWC), the highest decision making the body of the party.

He rejected the BJP charge that he had personal ties with Nirav Modi and had attended his promotional event, saying “they are trying to divert the issue”.

Gandhi said it all started with the prime minister banning currency notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 on 8 November 2016, “when he took out all public money and put it into the banking system”.

The Congress chief alleged that businessman Nirav Modi has fled the country with Rs 20,000 crore of that public money.

“The prime minister teaches children how to take exams for 1.5 hours, but fails to tell the country on who is responsible for this scam”, he said.

Rahul also said while the defence minister and social justice minister were briefing on the issue, “the FM and the PM, who are responsible, have not said anything about it”.


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