PM Modi: This is how Rahul Gandhi ‘loves’ me

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday counted the abuses from ‘gutter worm’ to ‘Gangu Teli’, from ‘mad dog’ to ‘merchant of death’ that opposition leaders mouthed to refer to him

Kurukshetra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday counter-attacked the Congress whose president Rahul Gandhi had said recently that, for all the invectives hurled at his father Rajiv Gandhi, he had “nothing but love” for Modi in his heart. Addressing a rally in Haryana’s Kurukshetra, the prime minister said that, in the Congress, “there has been a competition to abuse me”. The Congress excels in abusing him, he said.

In the speech, the prime minister recalled the words that Congress has so far used against him. He said one of the Congress leaders had called him “naali ka keeda” (gutter worm) and another called him “Gangu Teli” (a proverbial name implying a nobody).

Modi said that a Congress leader called him a “paagal kutta” (mad dog).

Modi counts Congress’s abuses

In the rally, the prime minister said that these “big leaders” called him “mentally ill” and a “low born”. “They even said I had no idea who my father and grandfather were,” he said.

The prime minister appealed to the people here to circulate videos that show Congress leaders abusing him so that more citizens come to know of “the truth”.

In the rally, the prime minister said, “Let me tell you what all gifts the Congress gave me after I became the prime minister. I was called the ‘most stupid prime minister’. I was called a ‘pimp of our soldiers’ blood’.”

The prime minister recalled that leaders from the Congress and other opposition parties have referred to him as Gaddafi, Mussolini, Hitler and “these are the words from their dictionary of love”.

The prime minister said, given that some top Congress leaders are “showering words from their dictionary of love and nobody is questioning them”, he was presenting “the whole truth before the country”.

“Their dictionary of love also shows how many times, while cursing me, they have not cared for a dignified discourse,” Modi said.

The BJP Twitter handle shared the part of the speech of the prime minister where he recalled all the abuses the Congress had hurled at him for about two decades.

Why Narendra Modi invoked Rajiv Gandhi suddenly

While the Congress led by their president Rahul Gandhi has been showering invectives like “chowkidar chor hai” and more on the prime minister for long, Modi chose to hit back the dynasty that heads the opposition party at a crucial time.

This speech comes in the midst of the propriety debate over whether Prime Minister Modi should have referred to Rajiv Gandhi as “the most corrupt prime minister”, given that the latter was assassinated by the LTTE, which makes the Congress consider Rahul’s father a martyr. Of course, no such consideration applied when Congress recounted some of the policies and actions of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in poor light after he was no more.

Delhi and Haryana vote on 12 May. Punjab votes in the last phase on 19 May. Rajiv Gandhi can be an issue in the elections in Delhi and Punjab, given his name’s association with the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom.

A part of Madhya Pradesh is voting in the coming phases, too. There, Rajiv Gandhi’s alleged act of letting Union Carbide head Warren Anderson flee the country after the Bhopal gas tragedy may haunt the Congress.

The Modi rally

This rally of Prime Minister Modi was organised in a theme park in Kurukshetra amid heightened security measures. PM Modi’s convoy landed at the helipad at the Kurukshetra University from where he reached the venue of the rally. He was greeted with ear-shattering slogans on the ground.

As soon as PM Modi reached the stage, people started chanting “Modi-Modi”. The prime minister shared the stage with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, BJP’s Ambala candidate Ratanlal Kataria, Kurukshetra candidate Naib Saini, Karnal candidate Satish Bhatia, State ministers Anil Vij, Krishna Bedi and Karanddev Kamboj.

The entry of all heavy vehicles into the city was banned for the stretch of time when the rally was conducted. All flights over the venue were called off. For the security of the Prime Minister, 1,700 policemen, including five superintendents of police and 15 of their deputies were deployed. Apart from this, Section 144 was enforced in the area.

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