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Pakistan snubbed in UNSC; ‘lesson for China,’ says MEA

Pakistan snubbed in UNSC; ‘lesson for China,’ says MEA

Following the failure of Pakistan to raise the Kashmir issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) through China, India has given advice to both countries. Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said on Thursday that Pakistan had misused the UN forum to discuss a bilateral issue but had to face embarrassment once again. He said in the same breath that China should take a lesson and avoid such a step in the future.

The latest snub at the UNSC is part of a series of embarrassments Pakistan had to face on the forum while trying to raise the Kashmir issue, including a curious attempt once by the five permanent members to discuss the issue in a closed-door meeting without an outcome, which impressed none but the INC in India.

Kumar said, “The UN forum was misused by Pakistan through a UNSC member (China) to discuss the bilateral matter again. The UNSC said it was a bilateral issue. Pakistan again had to face embarrassment at the international level. The informal closed-door meeting ended with no consequences. It has become clear that there is no truth in Pakistan’s baseless allegations. It has clearly conveyed that if there is a pending issue between India and Pakistan, it will be held bilaterally.”

The foreign ministry spokesman said that China should think seriously about the global consensus and refrain from such action in future. He said that there was a global consensus that Kashmir was a bilateral issue. Kumar said, “Only China can tell why it is doing this again and again. We believe that China should take a lesson and avoid such a step in the future.”

Pakistan again had to face international embarrassment on Kashmir issue on Wednesday. It once again failed to raise the Kashmir issue in the Security Council as it could not get any support and only its evergreen ally China stood by it. To this, Syed Akbaruddin, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said, “We once again saw that the action taken by one member of the United Nations was outright rejected by others.”

Akbaruddin said, “We are happy that the frightening situation and baseless allegations presented by the Pakistani delegates on the UN forum today (Wednesday) were not found credible.” He said, “We are happy that this effort was found to be misleading and several friends have mentioned that there are many bilateral mechanisms to raise and deal with the problems that exist between the relations between India and Pakistan.”

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