Now there will be less backward and more backward classes

New Delhi – To ensure that the more backward among the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) avail the benefits of reservation, the President has instituted a commission that will study whether the non-Dalits declared backward by the BP Mandal Commission can be classified into separate economic groups.

The move reinforces the Narendra Modi government’s efforts to achieve greater social justice and inclusion for all, claims a press release by the Union government.

The President today, exercising of the powers conferred upon him by Article 340 of the Constitution, appointed this commission. This decision, taken on the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, attempts to reinforce, in the spirit of his teachings, the current dispensation’s efforts to achieve greater social justice and inclusion for all, and specifically members of the OBCs. The sub-categorisation will ensure that the more backward among the OBC communities can also access the benefits of reservation in educational institutions and government jobs.

The commission comprises chairperson Justice (Retd) G Rohini, member ​​​​JK Bajaj, member (ex-officio) director of the Anthropological Survey of India, member (ex-officio)​​ the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, secretary and ​joint secretary, Department of Social Justice & Empowerment,
​​​​​​Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment​​​.

The terms of reference of the commission are as under:

(i)​ to examine the extent of inequitable distribution of benefits of reservation among the castes or communities included in the broad category of OBCs with reference to such classes included in the Central List;
(ii) ​to work out the mechanism, criteria, norms and parameters in a scientific approach for sub-categorisation within such OBCs; and
(iii)​ to take up the exercise of identifying the respective castes or communities or sub-castes or synonyms in the Central List of OBCs and classifying them into their respective sub-categories.

The commission is required to present its report to the President within 12 weeks of assumption of charge by the chairperson of the commission.

On receipt of the report, the Union government will consider ways and means for equitable distribution of the benefits of the reservation in Union Government jobs and admission in central government institutions amongst all strata of the OBCs.

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