Zakir Naik: Ravish Kumar, other ‘good non-Muslims’ will go to hell

Zakir Naik said that even though not all Muslims will enter the high-quality Jannah, all true Muslims will go to the Jannah itself

A new video of Islamic preacher (though fundamentalist) Zakir Naik is going viral, in which he is seen scolding those who speak in his favour. Fugitive Zakir Naik is currently absconding from India. He took shelter in Malaysia when law-enforcement agencies began looking for him for the dubious antecedents of his NGO. His videos are believed to radicalise Muslim youth.

In the new video, Zakir Naik comments on journalists like Ravish Kumar. A questioner asks him what Islam says would happen to non-Muslims, especially ‘good-hearted’ journalists like Ravish Kumar who “show the truth”, stand up for the truth and speak out against the “oppressors”, taking the side of Muslims. The questioner further says Ravish is not the only journalist in the media but there are others who are not Muslims but favour Muslims.

“If these journalists die as non-Muslims, what will happen to them? What will Allah do with them?” Will those people also do the same to other Kafirs?” the questioner from the audience asks. Zakir Naik says the questioner was of the view that there were many types of non-Muslims too, that is, some are very good-hearted. The answer Zakir Naik gave after explaining the question is worth listening to.

Zakir Naik explains if Ravish Kumar or other non-Muslims ‘favour Muslims’, they will be “rewarded”. But there are different types of jannah (or jannat, meaning “heaven”), he said, such as Firdaus and Firdaus Ala. Naik said that when one goes to heaven, different levels have been arranged for everyone, not all jannahs are the same.

Zakir Naik said that even though not all Muslims will enter the high-quality jannah (heaven), all true Muslims will go to there. He then said there were different types of hell like the levels of jannah and, no matter how good the non-Muslim heart is, they have to go to hell.

Zakir Naik said that the good deeds of a non-Muslim paled in comparison to the sin of shirk: Not recognising Allah as the true and only god. He said Allah could forgive many sins but not the sin of shirk.

Zakir Naik categorically stated that non-Muslims are sure to go to hell. Naik said, if someone is not a Muslim while dying, hell is his only afterlife destination.

Earlier in a viral video, praising Zakir Nayak, Mahesh Bhatt had said, “I salute Dr Zakir Naik for his courage to face the mighty British Empire in the beginning.” I salute his courage, which comes from his faith. If something was wrong with his heart, he would not risk fighting with these goons. The world wants information, not just entertainment. Our brothers (Zakir Naik) are national pride for us Indians, as well as a prized treasure.”

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