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Nirbhaya convicts’ last days to be monitored by CCTV cameras


The prison administration has decided to immediately purchase six CCTV cameras to keep tabs on Akshay Thakur, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta lodged in Tihar Jail No. 2 accused of gang-raping and torturing Nirbhaya. The activities of the convicts on death row will be monitored for 24 hours for all the remaining days of their lives.

Vinay Sharma, who was earlier lodged in Jail No. 4, has been reported to be particularly restless. He was first brought from Mandoli Jail to Tihar Jail. Then they moved him to Jail No. 2.

Jail sources say that the convicts of the Nirbhaya case are spending every moment in fear due to the news of the ‘encounter’ killing of the four gang-rape accused in Hyderabad and the nationwide public demand for immediate execution of all rape accused. In such a situation, the jail administration has decided to buy six CCTV cameras immediately, so that no convict takes a wrong step, unable to bear with the stress.

It may be noted in this context that the suicide of Ram Singh, the prime accused in the Nirbhaya case, in Tihar Jail days after his arrest was an embarrassment for the prison authority.

The sixth convict was declared a juvenile to the chagrin of everybody who was following the Nirbhaya case. He is now working as a cook in a coastal city of southern India. His employer is not aware of his antecedents.

The rejection of the mercy petition of convict Vinay Sharma by President Ram Nath Kovind, which is very likely, will pave the way to hang all the convicts. Sources say the convicts of the Nirbhaya case will be hanged together on one given day.

While Akshay Thakur has moved the Supreme Court for a review of his sentence, the plea is unlikely to be accepted. He made a funny statement today, saying, “Delhi is anyway a gas chamber. Why hand me down death penalty?”

The Tihar Jail administration is counselling the convicts to prevent them from taking a wrong turn before their designated last day arrives.

The jail administration has approached several districts so that if an executioner is needed in the next few days, arrangements can be made from there. Ropes for the execution have been requisitioned.

Convict Akshay Thakur made a funny statement today, saying, “Delhi is anyway a gas chamber. Why to hand me down death penalty?”

Jail sources said the authority did not assign any work to the four convicts in the past five days. They are conducting medical tests on the convicts and measuring their weights regularly. The four convicts are guarded by two cops 24 hours a day. One of them is the head warder and the other from Tamil Nadu Special Police.

The jail management is getting Tihar Jail No 3 cleaned for the execution. The cell here is the spot where Parliament House attack convict Afzal Guru was hanged. Since then, it was opened only for visitors with special permission. Only one convict can be hanged here at a time, but AIG Rajkumar said that all the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case could be hanged one by one after orders from the court.

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