Munde dares BJP to expel her; Khadse in rebellious mood too

I campaigned for every MLA so that a government is formed in Maharashtra, but those people thought that I was going to cheat: Pankaja Munde

In the Beed district of Maharashtra on the birth anniversary of late Gopinath Munde, his daughter Pankaja Munde organised a rally. After her defeat in the Assembly election, Pankaja opened a front against the BJP leaders. Eknath Khadse is supporting her. Munde may declare she is leaving the party any day.

Munde said, “Even though Gopinath Munde is not among us, even today he can understand how much people want him. I have lost in the election but the love of the people is with me even today. I cannot bow down for pittance.”

Munde’s sentences sounded mutually incongruous or lacking continuity as she recalled, “On 1 December, I wrote a post on Facebook. Today is 12 December. I am waiting to see what action is taken against me. Some media houses were running stories about me quoting sources. There were sources of so many good people. Why didn’t anyone know that Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar were about to take the oath?”

The rebellious leader said, “People are with me. I undertook a journey full of struggles and people stood by me. During the Assembly election, I campaigned to make Fadnavis the chief minister. I went to campaign for every MLA so that a government could be formed in Maharashtra, but those people thought that I was going to cheat. I was brought up by Gopinath Munde. I do not cheat anyone.”

Chandrakant Patil, Maharashtra BJP president known to be close to Fadnavis, was present on the stage on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Gopinath Munde. In Patil’s presence, Khadse targeted Fadnavis and said the leaders in the party were feeling suffocated.

After Khadse’s speech, Munde rose from her seat and urged the people not to hoot when Patil speaks. “Those who speak will have to listen,” she said, as though she was playing it fair.

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