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Modi to Mamata: If EC had been unfair, you couldn’t have defeated Left

Modi to Mamata: If EC had been unfair, you couldn’t have defeated Left

Mathurapur: In the final hours of campaigning before the deadline set by the Election Commission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned Mamata Banerjee for her comment on the integrity of the polling authority. He said she would have never become the chief minister of West Bengal beating the left if the commission had been unfair.

Responding on Mamata’s “outsider” remark, PM Modi said Bengal is the integral part of the country not the personal property of Mamata didi and his nephew.

Addressing a rally at Mathurapur in Joynagar Lok Sabha constituency, where CM Banerjee had addressed a public meeting earlier in the day, Modi said, “Banerjee is frustrated over her party Trinamool Congress’ imminent defeat and has threatened to put him behind bars after the general elections.”

“Trinamool goons are spreading violence and they vandalised the statue of Vidyasagar. The way the state government had erased the proof of the Narada and Saradha scams, in the same manner, it is trying to remove evidence of this incident,” he said.

“Those involved in the act of vandalising the statue should be meted out exemplary punishment”, Modi said and alleged that police officers are trying to wipe out evidence of the incident in order to save the Trinamool’s “goons”.

“The TMC and its goons have made Bengal a hell. Those involved in this act, in this sin, should be meted out strong punishment,” he said.

Continuing the attack he said, “Didi (Banerjee) is abusing the EC and central forces today. But there was a time during the Left rule, she too used to demand deployment of central forces.”

“Had the EC and central forces not conducted free and fair polls, Didi would have never been Chief Minister of the state,” he told another rally at Dum Dum in Kolkata.

This Lok Sabha election in Bengal will be remembered for the violence and attack on opposition parties in all the previous six phases, Modi said.

On Wednesday the ECI had invoked Article 324 of the Constitution to curtail the campaigning for the last phase of the election on 19 May 19 in the wake of violence between BJP and Trinamool workers in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Mocking at Banerjee’s prime ministerial aspirations, Modi said she can very well dream of it but should not make any comment which affects the morale of the country’s armed forces.

Taking a dig at Abhishek Banerjee, Modi said, “The aunt-nephew duo is interested only in looting Bengal and running the ‘tolabaji syndicate’ (extortion racket). The days of the government in the state are numbered ― going by the mood of the people. The peoples’ mood will help BJP win the majority of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state and more than 300 seats in the state,” Modi claimed.

“If you see recent statements by opposition parties and also by the Congress, which thinks PM’s post is their birthright, they have given up their claims for the PM’s post even before the voting is over. This only reflects that they have lost the elections,” he said.

The prime minister said the Trinamool chief did not have faith in the country’s prime minister but does not hesitate in praising the Pakistan prime minister.

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