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Modi: Made CAA for Dalits; law not about Indian Muslims

Modi: Made CAA for Dalits; law not about Indian Muslims

From Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only cleared the stand of his government on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), but also accused the opposition parties of spreading lies among the minorities. He said, “I want to know from the Congress (INC) and its allies, parties like them that are doing politics of dividing the country, why you are lying to the people of the country and provoking them?”

“I want to know from them,” said the prime minister, “when we did the work of legitimising hundreds of colonies of Delhi, was anyone asked, ‘What is your religion? What is your faith? Which party do you support?'”

The highlights of the speech were Dalit advocacy and assurance to Indian Muslims. besides, the prime minister slammed the opposition for misleading the people deliberately.

The prime minister ended the speech with the affirmation that Home Minister Amit Shah had done some days ago at a public meeting as well as on a television channel: That come what may, the government is not retreating from the amended citizenship law.

Modi further said that after the passing of this bill to amend the 1955 citizenship law, some political parties are engaged in spreading various kinds of rumours, confusing people and provoking emotions.

20 major things PM Modi said on CAA

  1. After the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, some political parties are spreading rumours, confusing people and provoking emotions. To what extent these people are going to meet their selfish ends, for their politics, you have seen last week. The statements that were given, false videos, provocative things… highly placed people have committed the crime of spreading confusion and fire by putting it on social media.
  2. When we did the work of legalising hundreds of colonies of Delhi, did we ask anyone, ‘What is your religion? What is your faith? Which party are you a supporter of?’ When we gave free gas connections to more than eight crore poor families under the Ujjwala scheme, did anyone ask for the beneficiary’s religion or caste? I want to know from the INC and its allies, ‘Why are you lying to the people of the country? Why are you provoking them?’
  3. Today those who are confusing Muslims in the name of papers and certificates should remember that we never put restrictions of papers for the benefit of the poor while choosing the beneficiaries of our schemes.
  4. Those who are Muslims of the soil of this country, whose ancestors were children of Ma Bharati have nothing to do with either the citizenship law or the NRC. This act will apply to those who have been living in India for years as refugees. No new refugee will get the benefit of this law. This is a law to provide security to people who fled religious persecution from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and took shelter in India.
  5. There is a need to identify these people who sell lies and spread rumours. These are two types of people: People whose politics has remained cultivating a vote bank for decades and others who benefit from this politics. When those who do vote bank politics and consider themselves the fortune makers of India have been rejected by the people of the country, they have taken out of the sheath their old weapon: Divide, discriminate and meet political ends.
  6. Some people are saying the CAA is against the poor, saying that those who turn citizens due to the changed law will take away the rights of the poor here. Hey, pity the poor before spreading lies, brother! Most of the refugees who have come from Pakistan are from Dalit families. Even today, Dalits are abused. Their daughters are tortured. They are forced to convert through forcible marriages. This is done because of their faith and because their method of worship is different. Due to such exploitation, they came to India and are living in different corners of the country. I also want to ask those who claim to do Dalit politics why you were silent for so many years? Why have you never seen the suffering of these Dalits? Today, when the Modi government is working to remove the biggest worry in the lives of these Dalits, why are you upset?
  7. The Citizenship Amendment Act is not about any citizen of India, whether Hindu or Muslim. It has been made clear in Parliament. This law has nothing to do with 130 crore people living inside the country. The INC and its allies, some educated urban Naxals living in cities, are spreading rumours that all Muslims will be sent to detention centres. The rumour-mongers do not even appreciate their education. Why don’t they read the Citizenship Amendment Act once?
  8. The Muslims of the country have nothing to do with the citizenship law. What is the life of a refugee? What is the pain of getting displaced from one’s home without any fault? Who can understand this better than Delhi? There is no corner here where, after the Partition, the tears of a refugee and the Indian who became a minority from Partition have not fallen. Citizenship Amendment Act is not to take away citizenship but to give citizenship.
  9. There have been attacks on school buses, attacks on trains, motorcycles, trains, bicycles; small shops have been burnt, government property made with the money of honest taxpayer of India has been destroyed. What are their intentions? This country now knows it. I want to tell these people that the people of the country gave Modi this position (of the prime minister). if you do not like it, you abuse Modi, protest, burn the effigy of Modi. But don’t burn the property of the country, don’t burn the poor man’s rickshaw, don’t burn the poor man’s hut.
  10. Policemen have to suffer violence while performing their duties. What will you get by wounding the policemen on whom you are throwing stones? After independence, more than 33,000 policemen have sacrificed for peace, for your safety. When any crisis or difficulty arises, the police ask neither religion nor caste, see neither cold nor rain and stands up to help you. These people are preaching, but are not ready to speak a word for peace. This means that you are silent on the violence, the attacks on the police. This country is watching.
  11. Mahatma Gandhi had said that when Hindu and Sikh comrades living in Pakistan feel that they should come to India, they are welcome. This concession is in accordance with the promise of the then Indian government, which was made 70 years ago with crores of Indians who were minorities at the time due to Partition. Manmohan Singh ji stood in Parliament and said that we should give citizenship to those people from Bangladesh who are being oppressed due to their faith, who are fleeing from there and coming to India.
  12. Today Mamata Didi has reached the United Nations directly from Kolkata, but until a few years ago, Mamata Didi was standing in Parliament requesting to stop the intruders coming from Bangladesh, to help the refugees suffering there? Today, the leftist people of India, who are now at the end of their careers, are defying their own statements. CPM veteran leader Prakash Karat spoke of helping those coming from Bangladesh because of religious persecution, too. Today, when the political parties of these people are refusing to give citizenship to the refugees who came to India due to religious persecution, their real face stands exposed before the people of the country. The sympathy at that time was just an excuse. Those were plain lies they told the people of the country.
  13. Where were the parties that are today making noise here in 2004 when the government said that the citizenship of the women of Jammu and Kashmir will be lost if they married people outside the State? Was that discrimination according to the spirit of the Constitution of India?
  14. When I see bricks and stones in the hands of those who oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act, 130 crore countrymen and I suffer a lot. But when I see the tricolour in the hands of some of them, it is also comforting. I am convinced that once the tricolour is in their hands, it can never support violence, separation, politics of division. I am confident that this tricolour held in the hands will motivate these people to raise their voice against the perpetrators of violence, against those who take up arms, also against those who carry out terrorist attacks. I am confident that this tricolour held in the hands will inspire these people to raise their voice against Pakistan sponsored terrorism as well. This is the criterion. It is our right to lift the tricolour but the tricolour that we hold aloft with our hands brings responsibilities, too.
  15. INC and its allies are stunned today as to why Modi gets so much support internationally and especially in Muslim-majority countries. Why do those countries like Modi so much? The Islamic world today, the Gulf countries, India’s relations with them are the best in the current era. Be it Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Jordan, India’s relations with all countries are touching a new high today. Afghanistan or Palestine, Saudi Arabia or UAE, Maldives or Bahrain, all these countries have given India their highest civilian honour, trying to deepen their relations with the culture of India.
  16. Rest assured, despite the conspiracies of these people, whatever this servant of yours can do for you, for the unity of the country, for peace and harmony, I will never back down. These people are behaving in a similar way with me for two decades now, following this pattern.
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