Mayawati promises private sector quota to counter Rahul’s NYAY

While BSP chief Mayawati and SP head Akhilesh Yadav jointly attacked not only the BJP but also the Congress, saying the two national parties were mutually indistinguishable

[pullquote]Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav address Deoband rally jointly

They target the Modi Government

Appeal to remove BJP from power[/pullquote]

New Delhi: BSP chief Mayawati said on Sunday if the information of the crowd in her rally reaches Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he will go mad and say things wilder than “sharaab”. In a recent election rally addressed by the Prime Minister, he had said the ‘s’ of Samajwadi Party, ‘r’ of the RLD (RaLoD in Hindi) and ‘b’ of the BSP together form “sharaab” (alcohol).

Mayawati said it is decided that now the BJP is going out of Uttar Pradesh and the alliance she is a part of is coming in. Provided voting machines are not tampered with, she added!

The BSP chief targeted the Congress too. She said that the Congress lost power due to its wrong policies. The BJP would meet the same fate, she said. “They will be out of power. This time, the drama of “chowkidar” will not be able to save the government. No matter how much power you have,” Mayawati thundered.

Mayawati warns against temptations

Mayawati said that the people were tempted by the slogan of “achchhe din” (good days), but even a quarter of the promises had not been fulfilled. This time again, the BJP is trying to mislead the people by adopting all kinds of tricks, she said.

The BSP head said that the prime minister was on a spree of inaugurating projects till a day before the election was announced. She said that Modi’s time was spent serving his capitalist friends. She said Modi was a chowkidar of those rich people; he made those people richer. The farmers of the country have been unhappy since the beginning, she added.

How BJP turned cattle stray, according to Mayawati

In a reference to the Yogi Adityanath government’s action against illegal cow slaughter, Mayawati said the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh ruined livelihoods by turning animals stray. Sugarcane farmers are upset too, according to her.

Mayawati said that if the opposition coalition is given the chance, the farmers will not have any arrears. Reservation quota for Dalits, backward and Adivasis has not been filled, she said. Instead of giving reservation to these sections in private jobs, all work is being given to the rich, she alleged.

Mayawati said that demonetisation and GST increased unemployment. The country’s economy had suffered a bad impact. Along with this, corruption increased.

‘BJP is the new Congress’

Singing Rahul Gandhi’s tune, Mayawati added that there was “evidence” of a scandal in the Rafale deal as there was in Bofors. “The BJP government is a Congress government now,” she said. The borders of the country are not safe under the BJP government, she alleged. Mayawati accused the Modi government also of misusing CBI, ED, etc.

The BSP chief said that her party believed in work more than in manifesto. Mayawati said that Congress has said it would pay Rs 6,000 per month for wooing the poor. “This is no way to get rid of poverty,” she said.

“If our government is formed, arrangements will be made to provide employment in government and non-government sectors. Do not be tempted by the Congress. Indira Gandhi had done this drama of ‘Garibi Hatao’,” Mayawati said.

“Why are the poor remembered only during elections?” Mayawati said adding, that Muslims must understand that Congress cannot fight the BJP, only a big coalition could beat it. Therefore, vote for the mahagathbandhan,” the BSP chief said.

Congress plan, according to mahagathbandhan

“I have a report that the Congress wants the mahagathbandhan to lose even if that means the Congress loses too,” Mayawati said.

Speaking at the rally of Deoband, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav attacked the Modi government fiercely too. He said Modi was first a tea vendor and now a watchman! “Now it is time to choose a new government and a new Prime Minister,” Yadav said.

Yadav said that this time, the poor and the farmers will take the task of snatching the posts of these chowkidars.

“They call us thagbandhan (alliance of crooks) and sharaab. They are drunk in power. We saw on the TV that the feet were being washed while Dalit brothers’ lost jobs. Small businessmen were benefited from the GST,” Yadav said.

Yadav added that our borders were not safe. “Our young men are dying and that is BJP’s responsibility. This is an election for a major change. This is a choice to bridge the distances. We have to demolish the wall of hatred.”

The SP chief said there was no difference between the Congress and the BJP. Congress does not want change; they rather want to rejuvenate their party in Uttar Pradesh. “You have to see who can bring about the change,” Yadav concluded.