Kolkata: Girl found in pool of blood in school toilet dies

While an investigation is on into the incident, the police are not sure as of now whether the girl from this reputed school in Kolkata was murdered or she committed suicide

Kolkata: A shocking case has emerged from Kolkata. In a toilet of a reputed school in the Ranikuthi neighbourhood of the city, a teenage girl was found in a terribly injured condition on Friday. Her wrist was slit. A polythene bag was wrapped around her face in what appeared to be an attempt to gag her while she tried crying for help.

According to our sources, the teenager was a student of Class 10 of the same school. She was taken to a hospital in Jodhpur Park, which is quite some distance away for a patient in a critical condition like hers. In the hospital, she breathed her last.

According to Bengali media reports, a “suicide note” has been recovered from the spot while suicide looked unlikely, given the condition in which she was found, said a source in Kolkata Police. An investigation has been initiated into the incident.

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According to sources, the student was seen reaching the restroom at around 1.40 PM. When she did not return after 20 min, her class mates began looking for her.

After a while, some non-teaching staff members of the school found her inside the school toilet on the second floor of the building. She lay in a pool of blood but she was still alive. Her wrist was slit.

Another policeman said under the condition of anonymity that she must have gagged herself while trying to kill herself. Following the incident, a crowd including the girl’s mother and parents of other students gathered at the school. The police have asked the girl’s father, who is out of Kolkata on a tour, to return as soon as possible.

They demanded a thorough inquiry into the case and justice for the girl.

The girl has been identified as Krittika. She was a prodigious student, said some of her teachers.

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