Home Sports Kohli says ‘Dada began tradition’ after India win Pink Ball Test

Kohli says ‘Dada began tradition’ after India win Pink Ball Test

Kohli says ‘Dada began tradition’ after India win Pink Ball Test

India defeated Bangladesh by an innings and 46 runs in their first Pink Ball Test cricket match. In this team’s victory, apart from Virat’s century, fast bowlers played an important role, claiming 19 wickets in this Test. After the win, Indian captain Virat Kohli praised the team’s performance. Virat Kohli also recalled the era of former captain Sourav Ganguly. He said, “This tradition was started by Dada, which we are following.”

Virat was asked about Indian fast bowlers’ ability to deliver tough bouncers. Kohli said, “Our mantra is that we have to establish ourselves in the field. We all know that Test cricket is a mental battle. I mean nobody has wanted to hurt the batsmen before. It used to be just that we get into the minds of the batsmen and get them out and that’s what happened.”

The Indian captain said, “Now we have learnt to stand up. It all started in the era of Dada (Sourav Ganguly), which we are now pursuing. Now our attack is fearless and they have full faith in themselves. They are ready to challenge any batsman. Now we are reaping whatever efforts we have made in the last three to four years. When a team is getting ready, a lot needs to be said. Now our players know exactly what they have to do.”

On this occasion, captain Virat Kohli also praised the huge Kolkata crowd of spectators that gathered at the Eden Gardens ground. Virat said, “Today we did not expect so many people to come here to watch the match because we had almost won this match. But a large number of people gathered here to witness the victory of the Indian team.”

On this occasion, Virat reiterated the need to build a test center in India, saying, ‘I think this (people coming to see the test) sets a good example and proves my point, which I have given to the test centers Had said that… If we move in this direction, it is a good step.

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