Killers of Kamlesh Tiwari spotted; Ashfaq, Moin elusive

While the plot was hatched in Gujarat, those arrested from Surat were conspirators; police are pursuing the killers spotted in Shahjahanpur

Even as Uttar Pradesh Police is on the hunt for the suspects in the case of murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, a former leader of the Hindu Mahasabha and national president of the Hindu Samaj Party, a video has surfaced from Shahjahanpur in which these killers — Sheikh Ashfaqul Hussain and Moinuddin Pathan — are allegedly seen. Since the video was made public, the Special Task Force (STF) of UP Police has raided hotels and guest rooms of madrassas.

It has turned out that the three suspects arrested from Surat, Gujarat — Rashid Ahmad Khurshid Ahmad Pathan, Faizan Yunus Bhai and Maulana Mohsin Sheikh — were accomplices of the killers in planning the murder but were not the executioners of the sinister plot.


Autopsy of Kamlesh Tiwari reveals extent of assailants’ barbarity

Would-be killer Ashfaq first created a fake Facebook profile by the name of Rohit Solanki and befriended Tiwari. Then the duo hoodwinked him into believing they would like to join the Hindu Samaj Party.

Ashfaq and Moin were entrusted with the task of killing Tiwari. However, Ashfaq was hesitant. He did not want to commit the crime alone. To deal with his anxiety, he was administered some pills. Moin consumed some pills on the day of the crime, too.

On the way to Lucknow, they got hold of a man called Vijay and asked him to help them buy a mobile phone and SIM, saying that they had lost their phones. Ashfaq used his documents while buying the SIM, which left a trail of the crime behind.

Sheikh Ashfaqul Hussain (left) and Moinuddin Pathan

While attempting to kill Tiwari, Moin’s hand was injured. He still went ahead with the Islamic halāl act by wrapping his wounded hand with his kurtā and slitting Tiwari’s throat. While emerging from the spot of crime, Moin hid his bleeding hand in one of the kurtā pockets. This account by a source in the police is corroborated by the CCTV footage in Lucknow.

Police believe the killers fled to Bareilly after the crime, from where Moin went to a doctor to get his hand dressed.

The STF has been camping in Shahjahanpur since the footage surfaced. If sources are to be believed, those suspected of killing Kamlesh Tiwari reached Shahjahanpur by booking an Innova car from Palia in Lakhimpur district. The STF conducted raids in several hotels, madrassas and inns at 4:00 PM when the suspects were located in Shahjahanpur.

The CCTV footage of the camera in front of Hotel Paradise near the railway station seemed to have caught the two suspected killers. The two suspects left the Innova at the railway station and were seen walking towards the UP Roadways bus stand. The STF has taken the driver of the Innova car in custody for interrogation. It is feared the suspects are hiding somewhere in Shahjahanpur. The inmates of the hotel are reported to be in a state of shock following the STF raid.

Kamlesh Tiwari (50), former leader of Hindu Mahasabha and national president of Hindu Samaj Party, was brutally murdered last Friday in Lucknow by two miscreants. Both the crooks were wearing saffron clothes and had hidden pistols and knives in the sweets box.

Both reached Kamlesh’s house located in the narrow streets of Khurshedbagh, Naka. Tiwari was shot in the face and his throat was slit after he was stabbed on the chin, chest and back multiple times on the first floor of his house.

The police had on 18 October recovered a blood-stained saffron kurta and a towel from a Lucknow hotel in which the duo, Hussain and Pathan had checked in on 17 October and had left the hotel the next day, the day Tiwari was killed.