Khalistani terrorists feature in Pakistan’s Kartarpur promo

The promotional video for the Kartarpur Corridor with Khalistani content was posted by none other than Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan has released a music video just before the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor that contains images of three terrorists including Khalistani Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The Pakistani deed has led many nationalists in India to express concerns anew about the risk the pilgrimage corridor poses to the country’s security.

Foreign affairs and security experts suspect Pakistan wants to use the Kartarpur Corridor to provoke the sentiments of Khalistani activists lying low in the West as well as in Pakistan, betraying an intention of the traditionally hostile Islamic neighbour to rekindle militancy in Indian Punjab. While Pakistan has been denying this, the inclusion of Bhindranwale and two more terrorists in the music video is otherwise inexplicable.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan posted a video of the official song of Kartarpur Corridor on his official Facebook page on 4 November.

In this video of about 4 minutes, a picture of Khalistani terrorists is seen at 3 minutes 30 seconds. The video also shows a poster with a picture of Khalistani terrorists and has ‘Khalistan 2020’ written on it.

India had been demanding the Kartarpur Corridor for the past 70 years, but it was two years ago that Pakistan surprised everyone by taking this decision suddenly and moving fast on it.

Although this is a matter related to the religious sentiments of the Sikhs and India had been continuously demanding the corridor, the surfacing of the mischievous music video from Pakistan raises many questions. India’s concern has always been about the fact that Khalistani terrorists have been getting support from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s motives are appearing increasingly sinister, as the date of the video release coincided with Indian intelligence agencies’ report that at least three terrorist training camps exist in Pakistan very close to the Kartarpur Corridor.

While India was delaying the inauguration of the corridor with negotiations to address these issues, it had to yield under the pressure of the domestic constituency of Sikhs.

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