Journalist photographing empty seats at INC meet thrashed

Embarrassed by the evidence of poor appeal of the party in Tamil Nadu, Congress workers beat up the journalist

Viruddhnagar, Tamil Nadu: Against the grain of the recent news where Congress president Rahul Gandhi had come to the rescue of an injured journalist, workers of the party on Sunday were caught in a video beating a journalist.

This news comes from a town of Tamil Nadu. The video has gone viral on social media.

There is a man in the video who comes across as a Congress worker. He is seen grabbing a journalist. Seconds later, another man enters the frame and begins to beat the hapless scribe.

In a while, other journalists present on the occasion rush to the spot to retrieve their peer from the clutches of the political workers.

Reportedly, the media photographer was taking snaps of empty chairs at a public meeting addressed by Rahul Gandhi. Embarrassed by the evidence of poor attendance at a rally of their supreme leader, Congress workers beat up the journalist, said a source.

Gandhi had come to the aid of a journalist who was injured in a road accident in the recent past. The Congress president that day carried the injured reporter in his car to AIIMS. A section of the media went ecstatic in Gandhi’s praise on that occasion.

Furthermore, when Rahul came to file his nomination from the Congress in Wayanad, Kerala, several reporters were injured due to a breakdown of the barricades. Rahul had attended to those journalists too, once again grabbing the headlines.

The news of today’s incident might not have reached him, said a Congress worker, condemning his colleagues who thrashed a journalist earlier in the day.

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