JNU alumnus calls for Direct Action against communist supporters of corona-jihad

The ex-JNU scholar said communist regimes do not tolerate Islamists and vice versa but they collaborate to attack democracies across the world

Amitabh Sinha, a former student of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and senior lawyer at the Supreme Court, has sent Sirf News a message calling for “Direct Action” against communist supporters of Muslim recalcitrance in the face of a dangerous coronavirus outbreak in the country, which is threatening the lives of all who come in contact with members of the community.

Sinha asks in the beginning of the message whether people realise how the products of JNU who are patriots are losing face in the world due to the act of the communists and Islamists in the campus. “That such a heinous action could take place in what is known as one of the prime universities in India no longer surprises me,” he says.

“It has shocked me. This is the lowest they can stoop,” the ex-JNU scholar who went on to earn another postgraduate degree and a doctorate in history in England and is now a senior lawyer at the Supreme Court wrote to Sirf News, referring to the communist students and teachers who rule the roost at the varsity with a link to a news video.

“This is a peculiar phenomenon,” Sinha said, talking to Sirf News after sending the message, “that wherever there is a communist regime, they do not allow any Muslim political activity, and in an Islamic state, communism is not allowed. But when they are in a democracy, they collaborate to defeat democracy.”

“This is a mischievous, nefarious and unholy alliance,” the Supreme Court lawyer said.

JNU alumnus calls for Direct Action against communist supporters of corona-jihad
Amitabh Sinha

Appealing to the university management, Sinha wrote, “The JNU administration and the Alumni Association of JNU (AAJ) should take immediate cognisance of the matter, not only condemning it strongly but also weeding out the criminal elements” who have done extended support to Muslims who have been wantonly spreading coronavirus in society.

Sinha has called for an FIR against the communist students “as it is punishable under the IPC”. The case should not be filed under the bailable and non-cognisable offences sections, he advises as a lawyer.

The ex-JNU scholar of history says these supporters of malcontents in society “should be treated as terrorists as they are blatantly supporting those who are turning themselves into human bombs to spread an untreatable pandemic in the country at large”.

Sinha said what was happening in JNU was not only against the nation but also against humanity.

Urging other JNU products, he has written, “If all we like-minded students agree on this, we should demand that these culprits should be caught in a time-bound manner, which will be very easy given that JNU is almost empty and these few are the only ones roaming the roads without any moral compunction.”

Finally, Sinha writes, “If not, then let us all, once the lockdown is over, congregate at JNU and show these Muslims that a Direct Action Day is not just for them.”

“When we true Indians rise, it is written on the wall that they will fall. If agreed upon, please show support,” Sinha appeals.

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