Indian Army, MoD say doubts on soldiers’ treatment ‘unfortunate, malicious’

Both the Ministry of Defence and Indian Army have reacted to detractors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who have raised questions about his visit to a healthcare centre to meet injured soldiers in Leh on Friday. The Indian Army has released a statement, saying the place where the prime minister met with the wounded soldiers was a wing of the General Hospital in Leh. The doubters had opined the scene had been faked for a photo opportunity.

The army said that during the prime minister’s visit at the Leh General Hospital, some people made false allegations about the place. “There have been malicious and unsubstantiated accusations in some quarters regarding the status of the facility visited by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during his visit to the General Hospital at Leh on 3 July,” said the Indian Army.

Slamming critics, the Indian Army has said, “It is unfortunate that aspersions are being cast on how our brave armed forces are treated. The armed forces give the best possible treatment to their personnel.”

The army further stated in its statement that some wards of the general hospital had to be converted into isolation wards due to coronavirus infection. Therefore, the hall commonly used for audio-video training has been converted into a hospital ward.

These soldiers have been kept in this special ward since their arrival of Galvan Valley to protect them from COVID, said the army. Recently, General MM Naravane and other army commanders met the soldiers at this very place, the army said.

Amidst the India-China tension, Prime Minister Modi visited Leh-Ladakh on Friday. He cheered the Indian soldiers and saluted their resolve in pushing back the troops of an expansionist China.

Ministry of Defence echoes voice of Indian Army

The defence ministry echoed the sentiments of the army today, saying some people were making malicious and baseless allegations on Prime Minister Modi. It clarified that the facility the prime minister visited was part of the Leh General Hospital.

“The injured braves have been kept there since their arrival from Galwan to ensure quarantine from COVID areas. The Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane and the Army Commander have also visited the injured braves in the same location,” it said.

“The braves who left us, they didn’t depart without reason, all of you gave a befitting reply. Your bravery, the blood you shed will inspire our youth and countrymen for generations,” PM Modi had said yesterday while addressing the troops.

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